Jeanette Jennings


Pencil drawing


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Cane head of a tiger


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Painted hanging fish made of wood


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Sketch of horses


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Colored playful otters


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Carousel animals


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Paper mache horse sculpture

paper mache

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wood pot


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Pen drawing of panda bears


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handmade beaded jewelry


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painting of an Indian head profile


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picture of jeanette jennings

Jeanette Marie Rick was born on December 31, 1939 in San Diego, California to Bruce William Rick and Marie Hagel Rick.

From a very young age, Jeanette found a passion for art. She dreamed of owning a horse and would often sketch them during school. At the age of 16 she finally got her first horse, Copper, and not too long after, a second horse she name Secret. She rode her horses all over the then open hills of San Diego County. Jeanette's passions revolved around her horses and art.

Jeanette married and had three children but eventually remarried and took on the name Jennings. She had been called "JJ" when she was younger and the nickname finally came to be her real initials.

Jeanette has delved into painting on a multitude of surfaces, primarily with acrylic. She loves to draw with pen, pencil, use pastels. She has had a wood working room full of saws and enjoys cutting and carving all sorts of creations which she can then paint and bring to life. She also loves to sculpture but often uses paper mache as her media.

Walking into Jeanette's house is amazing! It is filled with her art collected over many years. Color is everywhere and if you have never been there before it takes many minutes of looking around to take it all in. There are murals on the walls and cabinets. Hanging creations are everywhere. Windows have hanging crystal-like creations in them. Her garden is filled with colorful creatures, ponds, painted cactus, and an enormous cat house in her backyard that has mural paintings on it.

Jeanette is a uniquely creative individual and is someone that has never been bored. She endlessly has ideas for things she wants to make. She has lived a life full of creativity and isn't done yet!


Fireworks drawing